Search products

To create your shopping list, first search product using the Search menu (available now on iOS, soon on Android). The search menu does not require internet access as it uses the embedded product database downloaded on your device for your country. Please note you should have created a Cajoul account to perform product searches, so if you are using Cajoul as a guest, please click on the Connect button to join the community first.

You could search product by name and add to your shopping list either a specific product or a generic category (e.g. "unskimmed milk").

On the product search list, click on the List icon to add the product or the category to your shopping list. Once added, the icon will grey out.

Review and manage shopping list

After having added products or generic categories to your shopping list, you could review it using the List choice, select Shopping list.

For every product in your list, several buttons are available to:

  • increase or decrease the quantity of the product.
  • remove (trash) any product you don't want to buy anymore.
  • an active switch also allows you to mark a product as not to be purchased now, but leave it in your list for later.

After creating the shopping list, you could check it during shopping from either the list or best the shopping cart. This last display will show you the products in your list conveniently sorted in sections (remaining to be bought, purchased, marked for later purchase).

Manage your list while shopping

During shopping, the scan page displays at the top your shopping cart summary, showing the shop name (if detected), the total number and total price of products in your shopping cart.

You could click on the shopping cart symbol at top right to view detailed list of your purchases and adjust quantities, prices or expiration dates.

A tab in shopping cart list will display your shopping list, sorted in three sections:

  • products remaining to buy;
  • products already bought: Cajoul will detect you scanned a product listed in your shopping list and will mark it as purchased. In some cases, a product may not be marked as purchased, for example if you have add to your shopping list unskimmed milk from a brand and bought another brand. In this case, you could uncheck the product from your shopping list to remove it from the products remaining to buy section.
  • products to be bought later, when you uncheck them in your shopping list.