Cajoul rating

Cajoul displays two ratings for most products:

  • Cajoul own rating, from 0 to 10
  • Nutriscore rating, from E to A

The European Nutriscore is computed taking into account product type, product type, positive points (such proteins, fibers and percentage of fruits and vegetables) and negative points (such saturated fat, sugars, salt). This score has been adopted by most European countries.

Cajoul rating is computed using Nutriscore, but adjusted to take into account the presence of harmful additives, and specific product characteristics, such bio label. Next Cajoul version will refine its rating according user preferences, allergies and medical condition.

Some products are not rated:

  • if nutritional information is not known
  • baby food, oils and fats, sugars are usually not rated
  • please note the rating may be incorrect if some product information is missing: for example if ingredients are unknown, we will be unable to detect additives and adjust rating accordingly. In the same way, in some countries some nutritional information needed for scoring such saturated fats are not necessarily published.

Displayed scores (both Cajoul and Nutriscore) are not judging the product quality or adequation to your needs and taste, but are only performing a nutritional evaluation according specific criteria. It is paramount to view food intake globally and not to focus on a single product. For example, extra virgin olive oil that is considered as a "superfood" and is bringing essential components would get a rather poor rating using the usual scoring methods. It is also necessary to take into account the product taste.