Cajoul product data

Cajoul database includes more than 1 million branded food products, Cajoul also integrates information about thousands of product ingredients and food additives.

The product data is consolidated from multiple sources:

  • Cajoul team & community: Cajoul own team and members of Cajoul community are enhancing daily the food database by adding new products. Cajoul iOS app allows to scan and add quickly a new product to the database thanks to data Optical Character Recognition (OCR), this feature will be soon also available on Cajoul Android;
  • Open crowd-sourced data: as all other food scanning apps, we integrate and use crowd-sourced data from OpenFoodFacts and Open Food Repo. We warmly thank them for making their data available to the community;
  • Official data: we integrate nutrient data and branded food data provided by numerous authorities, please refer to our sourced data acknowledgment.

If you find a product not recognized by Cajoul or for which some information is missing (such picture, nutritional information or ingredient), please use Cajoul action buttons to add or improve the product. Many thanks in advance for helping the community!

Food additive information

Food additive data has been compiled from hundreds of scientific papers and medical publications. As scientists, we have access to latest published data in most scientific and medical reviews and are constantly reviewing new papers that shed new light on additive risks. In some cases, there are diverging viewpoints on additive safety, we always err on the side of caution.

Most of the scientific publications we are analyzing are not publicly available free of charge (as they can only be accessed by scientific review subscribers and researchers using their institution credentials to access them). Some of them are openly available, we are working on making those openly available publications directly viewable from a next version of the Cajoul app.