Mark product as purchased

Cajoul will track expiration dates for all your purchased products, helping you avoid wasting valuable products

While shopping, when adding products to your shopping cart, scan them. Click on the Add to cart button to mark the product as purchased: the product will be added to your shopping cart and the shopping cart banner will display two buttons:

  • one button allows you to set or adjust product price to ensure your total price tag is accurate;
  • another is designed to enter product expiration date.

You could also enter product expiration date from the shopping cart list while shopping, or even later by looking at your purchased products in the Larder list.

View purchased products sorted by expiration date

By clicking on your Larder list, you will at a glance view all your purchased products sorted by their expiration date. You could then easily adjust your meals to eat products before their expiration date, instead of having to discard products forgotten in your fridge.

When a product has been eaten or discarded, click on the plate button to remove it from your larder.

Products without expiration date set are displayed at the end of your larder, you could set their expiration date.