Cajoul: a fully free food scanner advisor

Built by physicians, free and fully independent, Cajoul will inform and advise you during all steps of your food shopping.

Thanks to its wide database of more than 1 million products, Cajoul provides expert advice on branded food in numerous countries, including detailed information on food additives and their health risks. A wealth of social features help to exchange with the community.

Cajoul is not only a food scanner but also includes numerous free & convenient features (some of those features will be available soon on Android version):

  • shopping list manager: plan your shopping in the comfort of your home thanks to onboard product database;
  • shopping cart tracker: don't forget any item in your shopping list and view expected total price tag;
  • expiration date tracker: manage expiration dates for all your products to avoid waste;
  • shop finder: find shops near your current location or next vacation spot.

Built by experts

Cajoul has been built by a team of physicians and scientists, including Dr Daniel Mavrakis, M.D., Ph.D., biochemist, computer scientist, and former physician at Nice University Hospital. Dr Daniel Mavrakis was the author of the first calory counter and physical activity monitor software for personal computers ever published in Europe.

Cajoul team is managed by Dr Myriam Delgal, also former physician at Nice University Hospital. In addition to her M.D., Dr Delgal also hold a Master of Biological Sciences and has worked in advanced mobile app development since more than 10 years.

The team combined medical and mobile development expertise is the foundation of Cajoul expert advice. We are working on advanced additional medical features that will soon improve again Cajoul.

Fully independent

Cajoul team is fully independent from industry.

In order to better serve users and public health, Cajoul features are fully free. You can if you wish donate to support Cajoul.

Cajoul app and web don't include any advertising.